A Complete Guide to Custom Glass Table Tops

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Switching to a glass table top is a sophisticated way to increase the visual impact of your dining room table.

Applied effectively, glass tabletops function as the room’s center point, match the décor, and enhance the illumination. You can also get expert advice from manufacturers of the glass table top in NYC for a precise look.

Selecting the Best Glass for Table Tops

Tempered or annealed (standard) glass is the most popular option for glass table tops. What is the difference between these two varieties of glass, and which one is the most suitable for your table? The answer depends on the strength and durability of the glass and how the table’s surface is used.

Annealed Glass: This standard glass is air-conditioned according to typical glass-making practices. This allows it to be easily cut, shaped and recycled. However, annealed glass is not as durable as tempered glass and breaks into huge, sharp fragments when shattered. For this reason, annealed glass is only advised as a solid glass table surface when it’s at least ½” thick.

Tempered Glass: A tempered glass table top has been heated, cooled and compressed in an intensive treatment process that increases its strength and durability. After the glass has been tempered, it cannot be cut or altered in any way. However, if it breaks, it shatters into numerous small fragments that are less likely to cause injury. Therefore, tempered glass is commonly regarded as the greatest form of glass for table tops and the best replacement option for shower doors.

How Thick Should Table Top Glass Be?

Do glass table tops need to be tempered? Not if the glass thickness exceeds a particular limit. but glass table tops that are at least 12″ thick are typically not required to be tempered. This glass’s thickness alone enhances its durability and strength.

Advantages of Glass Tabletops
These may include:

1. Compatible with Styles and Reflections
The advantage of a glass tabletop is that it can be decorated for each occasion in a variety of ways. The glass takes on the personality of the placemats, runner, and other decorations used to embellish it, and can be as formal or informal as desired.
The reflected quality of a glass tabletop makes it perfect for well-lit environments. The glint and shimmer of the lights reflecting off the glass surface create a distinctive atmosphere in the room.

2. Easy Maintenance
Wood is typically more difficult to maintain than glass. When liquid is spilled over wood, it can potentially stain the surface and even penetrate the wood, causing harm. Although you will want to avoid leaving large scratches on the surface of your glass table, they are often easier, faster, and less complicated to clean than wooden tables.

3. Look Spacious
Glass expands your space and prevents smaller rooms from feeling claustrophobic. Because you can see right through the glass, it feels less like a large, bulky piece of furniture is occupying the entire room. When you choose unconventional solutions, such as a square glass tabletop atop a natural pedestal, you may also appreciate the pedestal’s aesthetic charm through the glass.

Final Words
As tables are one of the most essential components of a home’s décor, it is not necessary for their use to compromise their look. Must choose a glass table top for a wooden table since it’s the best way to protect the underlying wood and prevents scratches and stains from frequent use. It is advisable to get professional opinions from manufacturers of glass table tops in NYC to enhance the overall look of your interior.

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