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Glass Floor System in NYC

Choose Fiduciary Glass Inc. for Technologically Advanced Glass Floor Systems

At Fiduciary Glass Inc. you will only get the best quality laminated glass floor services. The products are manufactured by bonding layers of heat-treated pressured glasses together. This process is achieved with the help of a plastic resin interlayer, which is also called Polyvinyl Butyral. The PVC sheets used in the process of making glass floors are more popularly utilised in the automobile industry for styling the windshields.

For Completely Noiseless Environment

The PVB interlayer used in the glass floors is used to make them impervious to water damage. The floors offer almost 99 % of UV Ray blockage and cut out the noise to create a completely noiseless environment. The interlayers can also be customized into different colourful sheets to use in different kinds of architectural and construction projects.

The Best Technique

With the help of aluminum grid and clock pavers, the laminated glass floors can be perfectly laid down on the construction site. This most recent method requires encasement of the bottom and sides of glass paver to block with a silicone sealant. The original method of using grout is way backdated and is no longer used in the industry.

Available in Different Styles

The aluminum grid offers a lot of durability and reinforcement for perfect foot traffic. It also offers a unique element to the entire interior design of the structure. The glass flooring system is offered in different styles including styles like – frost, crystal clear, sand, small rocks and transparent features. These options offer different levels of privacy, translucency and perfectly natural lighting.

Secure and Safe Technology

The glass flooring technology is secure, safe, quake proof and is well-equipped to handle all sorts of shatterproof and foot traffic. The iconic structures like The Eiffel Tower are in the process of renovation to place the glass floors in its first-floor level to ensure tourists get an amazing view of the streets below. Educational institutes, government buildings, health-care facilities are all set to equip their structures with environment-friendly materials.

The aesthetics and the sanitary abilities of the products repel mold, dust, and bacteria and require less cleaning than other flooring materials.  The spectacular yet extremely cost-effective glass floor systems are in fact perfect way increase the natural floor space while simultaneously bringing more natural light into the rooms.

At Fiduciary Glass Inc. you will only get the best glass floor systems that not just enhance your floor, but your entire home’s look.