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Curtain Wall System

Experience The Best with Fiduciary Curtain Wall System

At Fiduciary, you will get exquisite curtain wall system services. The system comprises of the best elements of façade technology and the company provides these services for high rise buildings. The facades involve cladding elements, window wall and curtain walls which help in building the exterior envelope of a building.

Structural Strength

Unlike other service providers, this company gives attention to the structural importance of curtain wall systems. The system has a higher exposure defense to all kinds of atmospheric pressure. At, Fiduciary, we can guarantee that the glass systems are properly designed to meet the basic building standards. The company provides installation and maintenance services to their clients. It cares about the services and works on the systems to ensure that the products manufactured are highly functional and sustainable for the long run.

Water Elimination Process

The Curtain Wall system has two level of protection level. The first one is the primary level, where the fundamental defense against water is constructed. In case the first level fails, then the secondary defense system works in draining out the percolated water.

Air-Impermeable Material

The full proof cladding system inbuilt in the curtain wall systems transfers wind actions to the building floors. This acts as a linear support for the building. The cladding systems in the curtains are formed of large panels, which have one-way spanning ability. Every floor level of the system thus has the support system to hold one level of wind load.

Insulation Properties

The windows are equipped with thermal insulation systems in order to reduce CO2 emission and also to reduce energy consumption. The materials used are insulated, which provide both opaque and transparent spaces.

Many don’t know that the curtain wall systems are equipped with acoustic insulation to sustain the balance between outside and inside environment pressure. The massive structural elements possess high acoustic insulation like concrete and masonry structures.  

At Fiduciary, we aim in providing a selective solar coating on the surface of the glasses. This coating is called selective it allows selective solar radiation wavelengths to pass through the coating.

The curtain wall systems comprise of the following important elements:

  •    Transom
  •    Mullions
  •    Vision Glass
  •    Anchor

The curtain wall systems are hung from the top of the building and are laterally supported at every floor level with edge beams. The company provides strong structural beams in order to avoid any sort of large deflection. Many don’t know but, vertical deflections can completely destroy the curtain system of a building.

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