Custom Glass table Tops

Choose from a Great range of Glass Table Top Products at Fiduciary Glass Inc.

Glass table top services are popularly used for protecting the surface of tables or desks to prevent them from getting scratched. They are used elegantly in covering wooden surfaces and to give them a smooth texture. At Fiduciary Glass Inc. we create customized table tops to suit the needs of our clients. The products are available in different shapes and sizes.

Why Glass and Not Wood?

The glass table tops have a unique appeal, which is not seen with wooden tops. The modern look of glass and edgy finishes can completely transform your living space. Besides the looks, the glass tops are also great for protecting your structures from all sorts of scratches. The products are an excellent way to add luster and shine to any dull furniture item in the house.

Using glass tops enables you to protect the furniture top from possible scratches, sun damages, nicks, scuffs, glass rings and any other possibility of damage. The edges of the glass are polished to make them smoother in order to prevent any sort of injury to anyone. The company offers elegant, affordable and designer glass shelves and table tops.

Better Furniture

To rejuvenate your room and dining space, get hold of the efficient yet dramatic glass table tops. The glass material creates a beautiful ambience to your home which is second to none. Apart from looks, the glass tops also add great functionality to the furniture as cleaning process is extremely easy with the material. Compared to wooden top, the glass top is a better option for fast cleaning. The wooden material can incur scratches and water marks, while glass material is free from all these hassles.

Great Service

At Fiduciary Glass Inc. you will get to enjoy professional consultation from specialists in glass topping and cover systems. We also help clients with measured fit products and also replacement services. We work in detailing of every product while avoiding all possibilities of glass tint. We also assure that every glass table top meets the standard safety measures.  

The manufactured products are great for dining room tables, graphic of different glass edges, for coffee tables, antique furniture, writing desks and conference room tables. The tables are available in different sizes and shapes with great finished edgings for giving you the perfect unique look. Our specialist is communicative and assures that our products meet the best interests of our clients.