Maintenance Tips for Glass Entrance Door

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When you look at your front door, you might not think too much about caring for it — you walk through the door and lock it behind you, so what’s there to worry about? Well, like any other product in or outside your home, exterior doors last longer and look their best when properly maintained. And because your front entrance is one of the first characteristics of your property that guests notice, you want to make sure you make a good impression. With that in mind, here are some tips for keeping glass entrance doors. Meanwhile you can get professional services from several companies dealing in glass entrance doors in NYC:

Why Do You Need Maintenance?
For most modern houses and buildings, glass windows and doors are great for enhancing sustainability by letting in more natural light; nevertheless, these enormous windows typically get ignored because of the possible cost of repair. Unmaintained glass makes that house look old and reduces its potential value. Broken window repair is considerably less than the potential damage a broken window or door can bring such as leaks that can dramatically damage a house and depreciate its value.

Doing regular maintenance and inspection can prolong the lifespan of glass doors, improve the lighting, raise the sense of security, prevent leaks and dirt build-up, and it can save some money on glass repair or replacement.

Glass Entrance Door Maintenance Tips

● To ensure smooth operation you should frequently clear up the tracks of windows and sliding glass doors. Use a dry brush to remove dirt and debris, a shop vacuum or vacuum also comes in handy to clear out the tracks. You may have to do this more often if a tree or a bush is near the window and is continually dropping trash onto the track.

● After clearing the tracks you should wash the tracks and frames with mild soap using a soft cloth or sponge. Then dry them using a clean dry cloth. Do not use scouring pads, steel wool or a cleaning pad which can damage the window frame surface.

● Move or open and close all windows and sliding glass doors to make sure they perform correctly. A window sliding glass door that has been left shut for some time will likely be difficult to handle.

● As a word of caution does not use petroleum-based products to lubricate your windows or sliding glass doors. Not only can this harm the finish, but oil will attract dirt, dust and debris. Instead use an oil-free silicone-based lubricant available at your local home improvement store. Spray the track evenly with a light coat then open and close the window or sliding glass door several times to evenly distribute the lubricant. When applied this will aid with the smooth operation of your window or sliding glass door.

● If you live close to the ocean salt air is extremely difficult on windows and sliding glass doors. We recommend you properly clean your windows and sliding glass doors periodically.

● While washing your windows and sliding glass doors you should give them a comprehensive inspection. Over time a house can settle and changes in temperature will induce a natural expansion and contraction of your home. This can cause the seal on your windows to break and your home will no longer be weather resistant. These gaps can cause air leaks that will increase your energy bills and these gaps will also allow water intrusion. You will need to replace any sealant at the joints if you see it beginning to disintegrate and repair any windows that have gotten misaligned.

Final Words

Regularly inspecting for fractures in the glass or moisture between the panes, especially with double glazing, can enable you to spot problems before they deteriorate and your windows and doors will last much longer. If your doors are far from repairing, call a professional for glass entrance doors in NYC to discuss sliding door replacement choices that offer improved insulation and longevity.

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