Glass Awning Maintenance Guide

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An attractive fixed or movable glass awning can provide years of outdoor protection and comfort. But with time, dirt and grime can build up on your glass awnings, affecting its appearance and performance. Not only is a worn awning ugly, but it can also significantly affect the awning’s components and materials, limiting the performance of extendable awning motors and accelerating the breakdown of glass and protective coatings.

With routine glass awning care, you may help delay damage and repair expenses, extending the life of your awning and preserving your home’s nice look for longer.

Tips for Cleaning Your Glass Awnings
However, there are options to ease this procedure. In light of this, here are some tips for cleaning your glass awnings.

1. Clearing All Dust and Grime
Before you begin cleaning, you should remove any debris you can. If you have a soft brush, you may use it to remove any twigs, insects, or dust that may have accumulated on your awning glass – flies tend to gather near awning sliders, so it is important to inspect this area.

2. Wash the Frame
Using the soap and water solution used to clean your glass, wipe the frame around the glass with a delicate cloth, removing any grease or dirt from the surface. To avoid staining, wipe the frame’s dampness with a dry, soft cloth, such as microfiber.

3. Wipe the Exterior
Using your chosen glass cleaner, first polish the interior of the glass. To clean the exterior, lift the pane lock handle and fully open the window by turning the crank. This should open wide enough for you to clean the exterior glass using the same technique as the internal glass.

4. Dust and Fingerprints Removal
With a glass cleaner spray or a mix of vinegar and water, dust and fingerprints may be easily removed off the glass, and a paper towel, soft cloth, or even newspaper can be used to polish the surface.

5. Heavy Dirt, Mold growth, and Grime Removal
It may be necessary to use a soft-bristled brush with soapy water or a glass cleaner for external awnings that require more intensive cleaning. It is crucial to avoid using abrasive cleaners because they might harm the glass awnings.

How often to clean your awning
We suggest cleaning your glass awning at the beginning and end of the summer season when it is most likely to be used. Cleaning glass awnings at the beginning of summer will remove any dirt that has accumulated over the winter, and cleanup at the end of summer will prevent any harm from occurring over the winter.

During the summer, you should also rinse your glass awning once a month to remove any loose dirt and prevent it from accumulating or embedding into the fabric. This will also make your end-of-season cleaning much simpler.

Final Words
Homeowners should conduct routine maintenance on their glass awnings at least once every month to prevent damage and keep their awnings in good condition for many years. Basic awning maintenance is simple and quick and will guarantee that your awning remains in excellent condition.

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