9 Types of Commercial Glass to Consider for Your Storefront

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Glass is commonly used by business owners to enhance the aesthetic appeal of storefronts. A glass storefront system of superior quality makes a favorable first impression and attracts clients. To achieve the best appearance, you must select the proper type of industrial glass. Do you know the available types? Therefore, the following is a guide to the many commercial glasses available for use in storefront windows.

Consideration for Storefront Glass Types
Prior to selecting commercial glass to consider for your storefront, you must evaluate the functions of each variety. Perform this in order to optimize the desired effect. Here is a list of the nine types of storefront glass from which you can choose:

1. Transparent or Clear Glass
This sort of glass is a common, conventional, and simple option for storefront windows. This serves two primary purposes: allowing light into the business and displaying things.

2. Annealed glass
Annealed glass is the most popular and can be applied for a variety of purposes. Annealed glass, also known as standard sheet or float glass, is less expensive than other varieties of glass.

3. Wire-framed glass
This type of sheet glass contains a mesh of thin metal wires and is resistant to fire and heat. You can find a selection of wired glass items that are suitable for high-risk locations, such as sidelights and doors.

4. Frosted Glass
The frosted glass performs many of the same functions as tinted glass but has a distinct appearance. This sort of glass enhances the visibility of the storefront while also providing some privacy.

5. Tinted or Coated Glass
When a business employs tinted glass, it affords its customers a degree of privacy while still allowing people to see inside. Additionally, tinted glass can be advantageous for businesses that receive the majority of sunlight during the day.

6. Safety Glass
Security glass provides a better level of protection than other typical varieties of storefront glass, which might be valuable for businesses located in high-crime areas. Additionally, security glass is available in many different variations, helping you to select the desired amount of protection for your store.

7. Spandrel Glass
The selection of the proper material for a storefront is a key choice. There are numerous options available, none of which have a significant impact on the durability, cost, or transparency of your windows. Spandrel glass is a decorative alternative that can also conceal exterior structural components such as wiring, flooring, plumbing, and bathroom systems.

8. Laminated glass
Laminated glass Currently, it is also utilized in storefronts, windows, and curtain walls to provide storm protection for structures. It also shields your store’s interior from the damaging effects of UV radiation, thereby slowing the fading of flooring, carpets, and furniture.

9. Insulated glass
If your store is in a colder climate, add insulated glass in the storefront windows to reduce heat loss and energy bills.

Last Words
Selecting the correct glass storefront system or door glass is essential for attracting customers who are interested in your products or services. Using glass as your business’s storefront can do wonders for your company. To choose the appropriate type, you must be aware of your wants and needs. Hopefully, the advice provided above will assist you in determining which type of glass is appropriate for your store.

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