What is the difference between stick and unitized curtains wall system

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Unitized curtain walls and stick-built systems are the two primary classifications of curtain wall systems. Unitized systems are made of huge units (and erected on the building’s façade). On the other hand, stick made curtain walls are installed piece by piece.

In other words, the differences essentially lie in their manner of installation. In addition, they often differ in their technique of manufacturing. For instance, the huge units for unitized systems are already constructed and insulated in the manufacturing site. On the other hand, the parts necessary for stick systems will be built at the actual work site.

If you are intending to choose a curtain wall system, you can contact your nearest curtain wall system manufacturer to receive extended help. Meanwhile, let us find out how they are distinct in some other dimensions too:

Stick Curtain Wall System
In this type of curtain wall system, the components are installed piece by piece on the structure of the building. The method is usually suited for low-rise buildings or in limited regions. This really is due to the fact that for reaching higher elevations it is needed to have outdoor access. This technique guarantees versatility since it gives an opportunity for onsite alterations.

Advantages of a curtain wall system
● These walls will keep some of the heat and light out of the house, resulting in better thermal efficiency and glare reduction, making the residence more comfortable.
● It is possible to employ these walls to either block or enable light to penetrate deeper into the building.
● Additional noise isolation is provided by these walls from the exterior.
● These walls prevent water and moisture from getting into the building.
● On the building’s outside, these walls give it a distinct and more refined appearance.

Disadvantages of the Curtailed Wall System
Additionally, there are several drawbacks, such as;
● Additional glass and steel are necessary to finish these walls, and these materials are vulnerable to weather elements including rust, mineral deposits, and stains.
● To maintain their aesthetic appeal, they need to be maintained on a regular basis.
● Adding a curtain wall to a building may also raise construction expenses dramatically.
● The installation of these structures could be delayed if the weather is bad.

Unitized Curtain Wall System
All of the components for this curtain wall system have been pre-assembled in the factory before being shipped to the site. The components are installed and brought as a single unit from the factory to the site. As a result, no separate installation is required. The size of the unitized curtain walls is exactly equal to the floor to floor height of the construction. External supports, such as cranes or scaffolding, aren’t necessary because they’re common in high towers. Just a little crane or a temporary lift will be enough. The components are made in a factory setting, allowing for speedy construction and high quality. A larger and better-protected curtain wall system is required for this type of installation, which raises shipping costs.

The unitized glass curtain wall may be easily controlled in terms of quality and waterproofing. Constructed in a short period of time, it meets all of the requirements for high-performance curtain walls while also being simple, rapid, and well-managed to move larger structures into place. So it’s better suited to the needs of today’s architectural advancements.

A disadvantage of using unitized glass curtain walls is that they are more expensive to manufacture due to the additional aluminum profiles needed during the manufacturing process.

Final Words
What is the best curtain wall system? The conditions and requirements of each job site and the project can vary widely. Choosing the most cost-effective curtain wall system for a building façade might be difficult because of the variety of options. The curtain wall system manufacturer in your area can provide you with experienced assistance if you prefer this system.

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