8 Myths About Glass Shower Doors

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The increasing popularity of frameless glass shower doors is due to their remarkable visual appeal and long-lasting durability. However, some people continue to believe that frameless glass shower doors are unsafe and untrustworthy due to their myths.

When investigating this form of home improvement, you should not accept everything you read or hear. Many false assertions are circulating, with most of the misinformation originating from makers of traditional shower enclosure products. We address the top nine myths concerning frameless glass shower doors to spread the truth.

1.They Are Hard to Keep Clean
It is simple to observe the accumulation of water spots and soap scum with frameless glass shower doors. It can give the impression that they require extensive care.
Nevertheless, removing buildup from glass is relatively easy. Spraying the doors with a mix of water and white vinegar quickly eliminates soap scum.

2.They are breakable
Tempered glass is necessary to build frameless glass shower doors because it is highly durable and difficult to shatter. While glass can break, tempered glass is easy to shatter into many small, non-sharp fragments. This glass has a design suitable for your protection.

Only a poorly constructed or improperly installed frameless shower is susceptible to leaking. This is some other crucial reason to hire a trustworthy and seasoned contractor. The correct slope will come from sound installation, allowing the shower to drain without leaking outside the enclosure.

4.Every glass is the same
It’s false, as glasses come in many patterns and levels of transparency. Additionally, numerous glasses’ thickness, color gradient, and protective coating differ.

5.Difficult to Install
It is one of the myths about frameless glass shower doors. It is not valid. Glass doors are easy to fit, as do the other material doors for showers.

6.Towel Bars are Easy to Install Wherever and whenever Even After Insertion
That is untrue. You must bear this in mind when constructing your frameless glass showers if you intend to install a towel bar. It is the most significant factor to consider when buying the ideal shower door for yourself. Due to precise installation, the requisite holes require drilling into the shower doors during production.

7.Replacing is preferable to repairing
It is not advisable unless the door or shower enclosure is damaged or worn. It may be more expensive to replace the whole system than repair it. There are occasions in which the rollers of the doors malfunction and require repair instead of replacing the entire door.

8.Glass doors provide no privacy
The widespread consensus is that glass is transparent and can be seen through by nearly everyone. Consequently, other housemates can know what you are doing if you are in the restroom. While glass is transparent, you may always select a design that provides the desired level of seclusion. If you want clear glass, you have the option to obtain it. If you prefer privacy, though, choose frosted glass.

Final Words
Regarding frameless glass shower doors, you should not believe all you hear. There are numerous myths and misconceptions regarding the product circulating among those who know nothing about it. Learn the facts instead of feeling these myths regarding frameless glass shower doors.

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